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Surf Lessons Guiding

We know one of your main reasons for visiting us is to learn how to surf, or improve your skills. Not only do we teach you how to surf, we also teach you ocean awareness, basic pre-surf stretching exercises and, most importantly, safety.

We have broken down surfing “levels” into five easy to understand categories. We do ask guests to inform us of their current level in advance, but we also asses all of our guests during their first session to verify what level they are on and how we should proceed instructing them for the rest of their trip. Here are the levels:

Level 1 – Complete beginner

If this is going to be your very first surf lesson or you have had lessons previously but have not yet stood up on the board then this is the level you will choose. Our patient and fun surf instructors will give you step by step training on the sand before taking you to the water to catch your very first wave! As a beginner surfer you will learn how to catch a wave, stand up and control the board in a safe secure environment. Our instructors will give you an opportunity to try different size boards to see what suits you personally!!!
Be prepared to loose your balance and fall of the board at first, but when you manage to stand up and ride your very first wave we guarantee you will be SURF STOKED!!!! There’s no other feeling like it!!

Level 2 – Standing on the board

If you have already surfed before and you are now confidently standing on the board going straight on the waves then this is the level you will choose. Now that you can stand up on the board our surf instructors will help you to develop these skills and build your confidence in the water. You will learn how to improve and perfect your paddling technique, board control and learn forehand and backhand turns along a wave. Now you are really starting to feel like a surfer!! Keep practicing and keep the surf stoke!!!!

Level 3 – Turning on the wave

If you are already feeling confident in the water and have the ability to paddle strongly, catch a wave by yourself and make a forehand and backhand turn then this level is for you. Our surf instructors will take you to the next level, so you can begin making top and bottom turns on the wave. Our guide will take you to a variety of surf spots so you can practice your surfing on different types of waves and improve your confidence and ability to deal with bigger waves and open face surfing.

Level 4 – Making top and bottom turns

If you are a confident surfer and have already progressed to making top and bottom turns and wish to have further guidance and surf training in the water then you will choose this level. Our surf guide will take you to different spots in Bali both beach and reef breaks where you will have the chance to improve your surfing skills and explore some of the most amazing waves on the island.

Level 5 – Chasing the barrel

If you are already a confident and experienced surfer and you are interested in chasing the waves and getting a Bali barrel then this is the level you will choose! Our professional and experienced surf guide will take you to some of the best surf spots in Bali depending on the swell and tide that day, enabling you to explore the vast amount of waves in Bali and score yourself a barrel yiiiiiiooooooouuuuuu!!!

Are you ready to Ride wave ?